If you are a new licensee, looking for information on how to become a REALTOR® member of the Tri-City Association of REALTORS®, we recommend you click the following link for details. This document will guide you, step-by-step, through the typical sign-up process for most new agents. If you have questions about other types of membership (i.e. MLS-Only, Affiliate, etc.) and the sign-up process, please give our office a call (509-783-2184). We are happy to assist you.
CLICK HERE to view the Become a REALTOR® Step Guide

Applications are downloadable in PDF format…

TCAR REALTOR® Membership Application*
TCAR Affiliate Membership Application

*New REALTOR® member application fee is $250. Annual dues are pro-rated based on the license sign-on date. Please be advised that other variables may affect pricing and/or membership requirements. Please contact the Association office for more information.




  • Paragon MLS Access Form*
    *This form allows Secretaries, Assistants and Appraisers to access Paragon.  Requires Designated Broker authorization and a monthly fee, billed to the office.  Association staff will direct you when to use this form.  Note: Appraisers must have REALTOR® membership to access MLS.  For questions, please contact the Association’s member services manager.
    Please contact the Association for details about all membership requirements.