Below you will find support information, links, and videos for the technology products available via your TCAR membership.


• Paragon Tech Support 877-657-4357 (MLS-HELP)

• Paragon Support Email Here


SupraWeb Login – Login to manage your eKey
Supra eKey Website – Main website
Supra Support – eKey and Active Key
ios5 and iPhone 5 Compatibility
Supra/Ekey Device Compatibility List – what smartphones work with eKey


ZipFormPlus – Login to Zipforms (first-time users please register through Paragon)
How-to-Videos – On all aspects of ZipForms
FAQ – Most Common Questions
Support – Documentation and Manuals


RPR Login – Login to RPR
RPR Help Desk – Help Articles and Video Library
RPR Blog – News and updates

Other Links – We send them a direct feed
ListHub – Coming Soon!